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    Message from klaus on 8/7 2012, 16:25 +00:00
    EMail: Klaus.Brockmoeller@gmx.de

    Level 31

      Ich schaffe das Level 31 nicht.
      Ich habe es bestimmt 50zig Mal probiert.
      So macht das Spiel keinen Spass mehr.

      Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dieses Level (oder ein Level anzuwählen) zu überspringen,
      damit man weiterspielen kann?

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    Message from niks on 1/23 2012, 12:19 +01:00

    An Android version would be nice ...

      I've played this game on an iTab a view weeks ago. I don't have an iTab/Phone/Pod myself, but an Android phone.
      I like this game, so an Android version would be nice. :)
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/22 2011, 14:31 +01:00

    Re: Level ten

      Level 10 is different: You have to take care about the number of blocks you use in one connection - if you need too much you cannot finish the level, just like you experienced. In this case you have to double tap on the lower bar, tap "Quit Game" and then "Restart Level".

      This time try to make connections with as little blocks as possible.

      Have fun! :)
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    Message from Jax on 1/2 2011, 10:36 +00:00
    EMail: Jackiepr85@yahoo.com

    Level ten

      Hi I am super stuck on level ten... I successfully connected the colors and even earned some good bonus pts. But I don't advance the level just stays open with one more bar at the bottom left....how do I pass it. Please help. Thanks.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 7/16 2010, 16:02 +01:00
    EMail: cb@zuuw.com WWW: movecolors.com

    Re: Bonuses

      There are 3 ways to make higher scores:

      1. If possible, make connections from top to bottom instead from right to left.

      2. Make another connection right after you made one - this will double the score of the second connection. Do this again and the score will be tripled, quadrupled etc. - this is the most important way to get highest scores...

      3. Try to finish a level with what I've said under point 2 - you will then get 100 extra points for every connection you made in time.

      You'll find this in the description. Look at "Tips":


      Hope this helps ;-)
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    Message from Anonymous on 7/16 2010, 05:48 +00:00



      I was wondering how to Make Bonuses on Movecolors? How do you get the best High Score?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 7/10 2010, 18:20 +01:00
    EMail: cb@zuuw.com

    Welcome to our board...

      Feel free to post any comments on our games. Have fun!
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