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The Game

Colors pop up

Move them around

Connect left and right...

...or top and bottom

Connnections disappear

Score & More

The blue bar on the bottom shows how many connections you need to solve the level

Left: The points for a connection

Right: Your overall score


Tap twice in the bottom area to pause the game and see the scoreboard

Tap Continue to continue

Tap Quit Game twice to quit the current game

Game Over

The game is over when the screen is full with colors

Enter a name and a name of a group. Share the group with your friends

Tap Submit Score to submit

Tap Don't Submit to discard your score

Tap Replay Level to play last level

Tap New Game twice to start a new game from the beginning


Wall - immobile, unconnectable

Box - mobile, but unconnectable

Bomb - mobile, explodes after a while

Joker - mobile, changes color


A connection doesn't have to be a straight line

Make another connection while the light blue bar goes down. Your score will be doubled, tripled etc.

When you finish a level you get 100 points extra for every full light blue bar


Tap World to see all scores of all players in the world

Tap Group to see the scores of your group

Tap Alltime to see all scores of all times

Tap This Year to see the scores of this year

Tap This Month to see the scores of this month

Tap World or Group again to toggle between your position and the Top 20

Tap in the search field to search for a name or group

Contact: info@movecolors.com

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