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    Message from Anonymous on 7/16 2010, 05:48 +00:00



      I was wondering how to Make Bonuses on Movecolors? How do you get the best High Score?

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 7/16 2010, 16:02 +01:00
    EMail: cb@zuuw.com WWW: movecolors.com

    Re: Bonuses

      There are 3 ways to make higher scores:

      1. If possible, make connections from top to bottom instead from right to left.

      2. Make another connection right after you made one - this will double the score of the second connection. Do this again and the score will be tripled, quadrupled etc. - this is the most important way to get highest scores...

      3. Try to finish a level with what I've said under point 2 - you will then get 100 extra points for every connection you made in time.

      You'll find this in the description. Look at "Tips":


      Hope this helps ;-)
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